Low Fat Potato Salad

Tonight I made a wonderful low fat potato salad with dinner.  My family really enjoyed it.  The recipe was simple to make and tasted even better than store bought potato salad.

     recipe by Jacqueline Gutierrez, MS, MSEd, RD, CDN


6 potatoes
2-3 Tb low fat mayo
2-3 Tb fat free yogurt
1.5 Tb mustard
2 scallions, chopped

Cut the potatoes in half and remove the eyes.  Boil the potatoes until they start to get soft.  Drain them.  Slice them into 1/2″ cubes.  Mix in the mayo, yogurt, and mustard.  Mix in the chopped scallions.

Serves 10.

When the fat free yogurt is mixed with the low fat mayo, you will not even taste the yogurt.  Using yogurt helps to cut the calories and adds calcium as well.